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The Winter Sisters

By Tim Westover


Curing Illness and Heartache in the Georgia Mountains:




“Tim Westover has a rare talent for putting the reader right into the story, his characters are complex and never stereotypical, and the world he creates is both beautiful and haunting. This is a fine example of Southern Literature at its most moving, enchanting, and compelling.”

—Southern Literary Review


Even with advances in modern medicine, there are home remedies we all swear by: honey for a cough, peppermint for nausea, chicken soup for a cold. These remedies have been around for generations, even though they may clash with today’s medical wisdom. This tension between scientific and folk medicine is the crux of Tim Westover’s beautiful historical novel The Winter Sisters (QW Publishers, August 2019). Set against the lush backdrop of the remote Georgia mountains in 1822, The Winter Sisters is an immersive and fascinating story about the power of belief, the quest for knowledge, and the magic just beyond our reach.  

The Winter Sisters takes place in the real town of Lawrenceville, Georgia, where Dr. Waycross arrives with his bleeding and blistering, the best scientific medicine of the time, to bring his modern methods to the superstitious masses. The local healers, the Winter Sisters, claim to treat yellow fever, consumption, and the hell-roarin’ trots just as well as he can. Some people call the sisters “herb women” and swear by their remedies, while others call them witches, and Dr. Waycross calls them quacks. But when the threat of rabies—incurable and fatal—comes to town, Dr. Waycross and the Winter Sisters must reconcile their science and superstition in a desperate search for a remedy.

The Winter Sisters transports us into its hardscrabble and superstitious world of the early 1800s, where magic is palpable at every turn. Readers will find themselves challenging their assumptions of what we think we know about medicine and the power of belief.          

While Westover’s novel leaves the possibilities of healing wide open, his support of current day medicine is indisputable. All of the proceeds from The Winter Sisters are going to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, to which he has already committed over $10,000.

Fans of Southern historical fiction that’s tinged with magic, like the works of Lee Smith, Sarah Addison Allen, and Josh Russell, will find a new favorite with The Winter Sisters.

 About the Author:

Tim Westover is an adopted Southerner, arriving in suburban Atlanta via Rhode Island, England, and Russia. He’s perfected a family recipe for biscuits after dozens of failed attempts, learned to play the clawhammer banjo, and traveled all over the South looking for new stories. The Winter Sisters is his second weird Southern novel.

 You can find Tim at, on Facebook @timwestoverauthor, Twitter @timwestover, Instagram @timwestover, and Goodreads @Tim_Westover.

The Winter Sisters is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indiebound.